List of top Indian Armed force overseas base around the world till 2019

Being a defence aspirant and Indian you should know how many military and overseas base India actually have. This topic is all important as per CDS(Combined defence Service) exam point of view.

What is Overseas Base ?

According to Wikipedia: A overseas base is a facility directly owned and operated by or for the military or one of its branches that shelters military equipment and personnel, and facilitates training and operations. A Overseas military base provides accommodations for one or more units, but it may also be used as a command center, training ground or proving ground. Indian overseas base having military and armed force in other country has a powerful impact on world. India is surrounded by countries and we all know relation with Pakistan and China is not going well, we can also say Pakistan and China are the major country that can create problem for India. To reduce the dominance of China and Pak over India and other country. India has its own strategy to guard the nation with them.

List of all base of India situated around the world. Let’s begin

TAJIKISTAN : Ayni Air Force Base, also known as Gissar Air Base, is a military air base in Tajikistan ( Not controlled by IAF ), just 10 km west of the capital Dushanbe, which served as a major military base of the Soviet Union in the Cold War era. Also, Farkhor Air base is a military air base located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan operated by Indian air force.

Farkhor is India’s first and only air base outside its territory. A squadron of Mig-29 bombers were placed at the base . In case of war , birds flying from Farkhor can reach the skies of Pakistan within minutes from their take off .

Having Indian air base in tajikistan , India became only the 4th country after the US, Russia and Germany to have a military base in Central Asia. India, in return, promised to support in Tajikistan’s defence by providing training to the Tajikistan Air Force. The Farkhor Air Base became fully operational in 2006, and 12 MiG-29 fighters and trainer aircraft were stationed there.

Indian Navy base in Oman

OMAN: Al Duqm is a port town on the Arabian Sea in Al Wusta Governorate in central-eastern Oman. Al duqm port is used by Indian Navy. the first gulf nation to have defense partnership with India

MOZAMBIQUE: Republic of Mozambique is a country located in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east. Indian Navy took charge of Port Beira, Mozambique’s sea security during African union summit there in 2003.

MADAGASCAR: Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) station India has made a key monitoring station in northern Madagascar to keep an eye on ship movements in Indian ocean. A listening post of the Indian Navy started operations around 2007. The monitoring station provides India with Electronic Eyes and Ears in the south-western Indian Ocean. Located in Northern Madagascar, it is linked with similar facilities in Kochi & Mumbai. It is helpful for gathering intelligence on the operations of Foreign Navies in the region.

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SEYCHELLES: Assumption Island, is the part of Seychelles country, and Indian navy operates and project Indian oceans from pirates from this Island. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa.

VIETNAM: India is setting up a Satellite Tracking and Imaging Centre in southern Vietnam that will give Hanoi access to pictures from Indian Earth Observation Satellites that cover the region, including China and the South China Sea. (Indian Defence) To keep an eye on Chinese movements in the South China sea, India has berthing rights in Vietnam and regularly gives Port Calls. This would not only help give India a presence in the region, it also serves as a quid pro quo for the increasingly frequent Chinese forays into the Indian Ocean Rim (IOR).

All About bilateral air Garuda Exercise done between Indian Air force (IAF) and French Air Force(FAF)

MALDIVES: Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) station Maldives is under india’s security grid . Indian navy monitors nation’s exclusive economic zones as well as ward off piracy threats in the waters. One Indian Navy Advanced Light Helicopter MK III has been deployed at Maldives. The helicopter will be based at Kadhdhoo Island in Laamu Atol of Maldives

BHUTAN: Indian army has a base in Bhutanese town of Paro in the direction of the border with Chinese controlled Tibet. The Indian Army maintains a training mission in Bhutan known as IMTRAT(Indian Military Training Team) which is responsible for supplying of Arms and constructing strategic roads in Bhutan

NEPAL India has long stated that any attack on Nepal will be considered as an attack on India and has committed itself to the defense of this landlocked Nation. It was reported in 2000 that India is going to construct an Air Base in Surkhet for IAF’s operation. India is also the largest arms supplier to Nepal Mauritius: Coastal Surveillance Radar (CSR) station

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