The Indian Air Force (IAF) has launched a mobile game “A Cut Above”

Today  Indian Air Force  launched the trailer of Game named as “Indian Air Force: A Cut Above” will soon available on android and ios operation.

Indian Air Force is going to launch a mobile game with the intention of educating people about our country’s air force and attempt to recruit interested citizens.

Detail about IAF Indian Air Force: A Cut Above Android Game

Scene of IAF: Cut Above

The upcoming mobile game will come with augmented reality features, allowing players to experience the life of a pilot.

Interested people can also apply to IAF through the gaming app, allowing IAF to recruit people in an interesting way.

The game comes with a single player mode where missions can be played offline, an online multi-player and a section for career information.

IAF official twitter post

When is the Indian Air force game available?

While the game must have aspiring fighter pilots excited, it will only release in phases.

31 July 2019, is expected to see the release of the single-player mode while the multi-player one will not be launched before June.

The game is open to pre-registering and those who have already pre-registered will be the first ones to be informed when the application launches.

Other An IAF game already exists

Scene from Guardian of Skies IAF

Notably, IAF already has an official game on the PlayStore, titled Guardians of the Skies.

The game, by Threye: Military Games, came out in 2014 and has not been updated since 2015.

It too promised the experience of living the life of a pilot and flying for India.

Hopefully, the upcoming game will receive regular updates and be a bigger hit among gamers.

Indian Air force Game trailer

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