Lesser know facts about CISF Ninja Commandos

The Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) serve under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs. They mainly manage internal security threats and only aid in combating external threats when necessary. There are seven main divisions of the CAPF but in this article only focused on facts about CISF commandos (Central Industrial Security Force) in hindi we call केंद्रीय औद्योगिक सुरक्षा बल

1. It was set up on March 10, 1969

cisf ninja commando on metro station. CISF facts
CISF in Metro Station

It was constituted under the Central Industrial Security Force Act, 1969 with strength of 3000 personnel only.

2. CISF became an armed force on June 15, 1983

cisf paramilitary commando on duty facts
CISF on Duty

The Act 14 of 1983 modified the CISF Act, 1968 and made CISF an armed force under the Union of India.

3. Largest industrial security force of the world

CISF facts commando on duty
CISF Commando

With a strength of more than 1,22,000 personnel it provides cover to 294 units making it the largest industrial force of the world.

4.Has an ISO certified unit


By amendments in CISF Act, 1999 Government of India permitted CISF to offer its Consultancy Services in the field of Security & Fire Protection to Public and Private sector. The CISF Consultancy Wing is an ISO 9001:2000 Unit.CISF is the only ISO certified wing in all paramilitary forces.

5. CISF is divided in seven sector


The CISF force is divided into seven Sectors (Airport, North, North-East, East, West, South and Training) and also has a Fire Service Wing. Around 23% of CISF personnel posted in Chhattisgarh State to protect the mines and industries of (PSU) from naxalites.

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6. CISF was authorised for security of private sector companies on February 25, 2009


The Indian Parliament on February 25, 2009 authorised the provision of Central Industrial Security Force security to private and cooperative establishments across the country for a fee with the passage of the CISF (Amendment) Bill, 2008.

The Bill, which was passed by Rajya Sabha on February 19 and Lok Sabha on February 25, 2009, also provides for deployment of CISF to protect Indian missions abroad and its participation in the UN peacekeeping operations. Now the Force is providing security cover to 294 units (including 57 domestic & international airports, 79 Fire units and 03 Private Sector Units) spread all over the country.

7. Highly trained with gun

Blindfolded stripping weapon

CISF has mastered how to strip and stitch a hot weapon in combat situations and can do it blindfolded. All the member of CISF are highly trained in weapon management. In a sec they can unwrap and arrange the weapon they have.

8. Practice Parkour to the best


Parkour is a French way of obstacle training. PArkour is the technique in which person are not allowed to take any tool with them to fight with their enemy. In running, chasing, jumping this technique are used. CISF has created a deadly militarized parkour technique. if you see hollywood movie Brick Mansions (2014) parkour technique is used in this.

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9. Has created a deadly commando force


CISF has created a new force of ‘Indian Ninja Warriors’ or the CISF Ninja commandos. They are talented in unorthodox warfare and extremely lethal. Currently Ninja commandos are posted in Naxalite areas. Ninja commandos are highly trained in Parkour technique.

10. Silent Drill

cisf parade Silent Drill
CISF drill

CISF has perfected a spectacular silent drill. Worldwide only the US Marines are known to have mastered the art of silent drill. Going by the Indian version the CISF has outsmarted the US Marines.

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