AFCAT 2 2019: Question & Answer Key of all Sets and Cutoff

AFCAT 2 2019 Question and Answer key August Examination: Here the question asked in AFCAT 2 2019 Online exam in all set with their answer key and expect cutoff for the AFCAT 2 2019 exam. Today AFCAT (Air force Common Admission Test) exam successfully conducted on 24thof August across 106 centres of the country in two shifts. As we all know that Indian Air Force (IAF) just conducted there AFCAT exam as commissioned officers in Flying, Ground Duty(Technical), Ground Duty(Non-techincal) Branches.

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Here the list of all question with their respective answer asked in AFCAT 2 2019 in 1st and 2nd Shift of 24 and 25th August 2019. Remember all question are memory based told by candidates to militarygyan team. We try to put every question and answer of AFCAT 2 2019 exam as much as possible.

As you know AFCAT 2 2019 exam was done successfully now we have all sets of paper with their answer keys. So in this article you will find question and answer as per shift wise. In all shifts of 24,25 August exam no. of questions in all section divided in same ratio. Lets have a look

Section wise division of the AFCAT 2 2019 paper of all shifts

Name of the Sub-SectionNo. of Questions askedLevel
English Language25Moderate
Numerical Ability18Easy-Moderate
Reasoning & Military Aptitude32Easy-Moderate
General Awareness25Moderate

Here the Question and Answer of AFCAT 2 2019 1st Shift Exam.

In General Knowledge

1pass from Kashmir to Jammu & Kashmir- banihal pass

2. female don Barndman= belty Wilson

3. 1st padma vibhushan of Sports-Viswanath Anand

4. 1st governor general of free India- C raja gopalchari

5. Cant word used in Kabadi

6. Cripss mission- of power play in T20-first 6 over

8. NCC ‘c’ certificate are eligible for armed force exam

9. Dept of Ozone layer- chloroflorocarbon

10.writer of padmavat-Malik mohamad jayasi

11. GMT time zone of which country- France

12. ISRO launched 104 satellite

13. Author of Life of pie-yann Martel

14. metal used in making of ship- steel alloy

15. Latitute line pass through australia- tropic of capricon

16. UEFA league- real madrid

17 Captial of Bosnia- sarajevo

18. oldest veda – rigved

19. Which radiocarbon used for cancer- antimony, bismusth

20. satyamev jayate – Mundaka upnishad

Level of General Knowledge exam in Moderate

Reasoning Section- 32 Question Easy to moderate

Dot Situation Question, Word analogy, series question


1.Time and speed- 3 question

2. Avg- 1 question

3. profit and loss- 2 question(moderate level)

4.Simple and compound interest- 3 Question

5. No question from Boat and stream

Question asked in 2nd shifts of AFCAT 2 2019 Exam with their answer key are here:

Some important questions that were asked in the exam:

Q1. How many overs can a bowler bowl in T20 Cricket?

Q2. Which radioactive element is used to treat cancer?

Q3.Where will next summer Olympic 2020 be held?

Q4. Who is the First lady, to win Wimbledon?

Q5. Who is grand old man of India?

Q6. What is the full form of DRS system?

Q7. When did the First battle of Panipat take place?

Q8. Which Indian missile has a range of 5000 km?

Q9. Who demanded the creation of Pakistan?

Q10. What does Upanishads signify?

Q11. Who received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?

Q12. Total Permanent members in UNSC?

Q13.Mogadishu is the capital of which country?

Q14. How many timezones are there in the world?

Q15. Amartya Sen authored which book?

Q16. What is the type of architecture of India Gate?

Q17. Africa’s highest peak?

Q18. Who designed Taj Mahal?

Q19. Hottest Desert?

These are the question asked in 2nd shift of first day of exam.

Now, just take a look at the second day of AFCAT exam questions and with answer key.

Q1. How many medals have been won by Micheal Phelps?

Q2. Which dynasty established the Ajanta Ellora caves?

Q3. Which text of the Vedas refers to Medicine?

Q4. “Duckworth Lewis” is related to which game?

Q5. Which cricketer reached fastest 10000 runs in ODI?

Q6. What is the Capital of Columbia?

Q7.Where is the headquarter of WHO?

Q8.Who was the founder of Mughal dynasty?

Q9. What is the Actual name of Ghisyauddin Tughlaq?

Q10. The Khilafat Movement was merged with which movement?

Q11. What is the distance between the stumps in cricket?

Q12. Who rejected the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan?

Q13. Which book was authored by Vikram Seth? (A Suitable Boy)

Q14. Which Desert is not located in Asia?

Q15. Who established the Indian National Congress?

Q16. Which lines run parallel to the equator? 

Q17. Who Invented Electricity?

Q18. Which gas results in Brown Cloud Atmosphere?

Q19. Which of the following a non-ferrous element?

Q20. Sun occupies how much percentage of area?


As we interview many student who appeared 1st time in AFCAT exam as well as repeater of AFCAT exam. As per repeater point of view paper pattern is same as previous AFCAT 1 2019 exam . English and Maths are moderate and General knowledge was combination of both some are easy and many of question are just a hard even you don’t read it on any where .As first time aspirants fresher who appeared first time in AFCAT 2 2019 exam. Paper was little bit difficult for them but now they know the level and pattern of AFCAT Exam so that they can prepare themselves for AFCAT Feb 2020 Exam.

Stay with us, to find the more Defence News related with exam point of view and AFCAT 2 2019 more question and answer. If you know any question that was not mention in this article please with us. Or just comment that question.  

Question asked in Maths section of AFCAT 2 2019 exam

Gabbar kidnapped Basanti and placed him a tunnel which has a length of 500 m. He tied her from 200 m distance from one side. Veeru heroically saved Basanti and at the same time a train was approaching the tunnel. They ran at a speed of 10m/s to the nearer end and missed the collision very closely. Find the speed of the train.

Marshall, Randy and Roger has some coins. Marshall’s 5 times coin is equal with Randy’s 8 times coin. Marshall’s 8 times coin is equal with Roger’s 5 times coin. Find the minimum coin the three have in total.

A seller says he sells goods at 10% loss , but he actually uses the wrong measuring scale and gains 15%.what is the length of scale?

Someone borrowed 7000 at some interest rate for 3 years and after 3 years he again borrowed 3000 with same rate . If he end up giving simple interest of 4615 after 8 years then what was his interest rate ?

A boat goes downstream from point A to point B then to point c (which is midway between A and B) ,find the distance between A and B if speed of boat in still water is 16kph and that of stream is 4 kph ?

A man earn a commission at 10%. When he sells product of value more than 20k ,he earns bonus of extra 5%, if he earned 2600 commission , find bonus amount.

Alok office 100km from his home . Once he started late from his home by 1 hour . He increased his speed by 5kph and reached office on time, find his changed speed.

A man daily goes to temple which is 4km away from his home at a speed of 4kph. Once he decided to take his dog with him . The dog reached the temple and returned back to his owner then turn back again and ran towards temple ,this goes on and on. Find the distance covered by dog in the direction of temple if the speed of dog is 8kph.

A train has 10 compartments and no 2 compartments have same no. Of passengers . Average of passengers is 15or 18 (not sure) . And no compartments has no. Of passengers more than the average no. Except compartments ten. Find no. Of passengers in 10th compartment.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat  


Afcat online test is conducted for 300 marks maximum. If we look previous year cutoff of AFCAT Exam that was 133 and for AFCAT EKT it is 50 marks. AFCAT is increasing the level of exam in every session and changing its pattern in every exams. As we talk to many candidates who appeared in AFCAT 2 2019 Exam said exam level is high this time as compared to AFCAT 2019 exam. Let’s see what will happen. AFCAT Cut off 2019 has been released in the month of September of 2019. 

The article provides you with all information regarding AFCAT 2 2019 Exam. And its question and answer key as well as cut off.

Once AFCAT 2 2019 cutoff released , candidates can check by following the steps as mention below

afcat 2019 exam question and answer key cutoff

AFCAT-1 2020 Notification/Exam Date/Eligibilty

AFCAT 2020 Exam will be conducted in Feb 2020. You can apply for AFCAT 2020 in Dec 2019.

DOB: Candidate age should be after 1995 for Ground Duty and Non-Technical Dept. On the other hand candidate who are willingly to join Air Force as a Flying  Department (Pilot) must be born after age year 1997.  

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