Must know facts and History about CISF Ninja Commandos

cisf ninja commando facts and history

In this article by militarygyan you will get complete details and facts about CISF its Ninja Commando & other wings .The Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) was established 51 years ago. It is a security force of India, which is called Paramilitary Force. CISF headquarters is in Delhi. It was established on 10 March 1969.  At the time of the establishment of the CISF, a total of 2800 personnel worked in it, but today there are about 165000 members are the part of this security force. Let’s know how important these security forces are for India.

What does CISF do ?

Its main function is to provide security to government factories and other government undertakings. Its job is to monitor the industrial complexes of the central government. This force also works for the security of various important institutions of the country. Apart from fulfilling its purpose, it also does many other tasks. Such as – Protecting government and non-government confidential works, providing security to ports and airports, metro stations completing tasks like disaster management and fire management, providing security to nuclear installations.

How to join CISF forces ?

CISF is recruited from time to time. If you are eligible for those posts then go to the official website of CISF and get all the information related to the recruitment, then apply only after that.

cisf facts and history ninja commando in hindi

Here amazing facts about  CISF

In Hindi its is call as  केंद्रीय औद्योगिक सुरक्षा बल. It was constituted under the Central Industrial Security Force Act, 1969 with strength of 2800 personnel.

2. Became an armed force on June 15, 1983

The Act 14 of 1983 modified the CISF Act, 1968 and made CISF an armed force under the Union of India.

3. Largest industrial security force of the world

Currently CISF with a strength of more than 1,22,000 personnel it provides cover to 294 units making it the largest industrial force of the world.

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4. Has an ISO certified unit Fire Wing of CISF

fire wing department  of cisf facts history ninja commando

By amendments in CISF Act, 1999 Government of India permitted CISF to offer its Consultancy Services in the field of Security & Fire Protection to Public and Private sector. Keausub is the only force that has a customized and dedicated fire wing. The CISF Consultancy Wing is an ISO 9001:2000 Unit. The first fire wing unit with a strength of 53 personnel was Inducted in FACT Cochin on 16th April, 1970.. Eventually the Government of India approved Recruitment Rules for various posts for creation of separate fire service cadre in CISF in January 1991 and accordingly Fire Service Cadre started functioning in CISF on 12.01.1991. At present the induction tally stands at 102 Public Sector Undertakings/Govt. establishments.

5. CISF is divided in seven sector

The force is divided into seven Sectors (Airport, North, North-East, East, West, South and Training) and also has a Fire Service Wing.

6. CISF was authorised for security of private sector companies on February 25, 2009

The Indian Parliament on February 25, 2009 authorised the provision of Central Industrial Security Force security to private and cooperative establishments across the country for a fee with the passage of the CISF (Amendment) Bill, 2008. The Bill, which was passed by Rajya Sabha on February 19 and Lok Sabha on February 25, 2009, also provides for deployment of CISF to protect Indian missions abroad and its participation in the UN peacekeeping operations. Now the Force is providing security cover to 294 units (including 57 domestic & international airports, 79 Fire units and 03 Private Sector Units) spread all over the country.

7. Highly trained with gun

CISF has mastered how to strip and stitch a hot weapon in combat situations and can do it blindfolded.

8. Practice Parkour to the best

Parkour is a French way of obstacle training. CISF has created a deadly militarized parkour technique.

9. Has created a deadly commando force

cisf ninja commando facts and history details

CISF has created a new force of Indian Ninja Warriors’ or the CISF commandos. They are talented in unorthodox warfare and extremely lethal. You can watch them in action on YouTube.

10. Silent Drill

CISF has perfected a spectacular silent drill. Worldwide only the US Marines are known to have mastered the art of silent drill. Going by the Indian version the CISF has outsmarted the US Marines. Currently, CISF is also providing protection to protected persons classified as Z plus, Z, X, Y security

cisf facts and history ninja commando silent drill in hindi
Silent Drill by CISF

Organization Structure of CISF Forces

cisf ninja commando structure list
Structure of CISF Credit

Official page of CISF Commandos are Here: Instagram, Facebook


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