ADGPI-Indian Army: Full Form, Meaning, and Details

Full Form & Meaning ADGPI in hindi

While using social media, most of the time on Facebook, Instagram if the official page of the Indian Army has ever appeared in your eyes, then you must have noticed one thing that the name of the page of the Indian Army is written as ADGPI- Indian Army and if you do not know about it then we Let us explain what this ADGPI means and why only Indian Army would not have written on the official page of Army. On the other hand, Indian Navy & Indian Air force uses its name as it is on social media.

Full Form of ADGPI-Indian Army

The full form of ADGPI is Additional Directorate General of Public Information.

Work of ADGPI

The DGPI is under the Directorate General of Public Information, Directorate General of Military Intelligence, Public Relations (PR) activities, media relations and intelligence, press releases, publicity, creating a good image of the Army and informing the people about the Army’s work, modalities This work is done by ADGPI. Their main objective is to maintain peace and maintain the public’s trust in the Indian Army.

Officers posted to the rank of Major General are headed by the Additional Directorate and are assisted by the Deputy Director General. The Directorate is divided into two sections, Media Relation and Information operations respectively.

Facts About ADGPI Social Media Accounts:

  1. The Facebook page of Indian Army was launched on May 15, 2013. Currently FB page of Indian Army has followers. official page of Indian Army on FB look like this posted below
  • According to Hindustan Times report “The first Tweet from Indian Army account was posted on 8th March 2013,  about Para Jump between Indian and Bangladeshi Paratroopers,   “Friendship Para Jump done by the Special Forces of India & Bangladesh at Agra today.” Now on twitter official page ADGPI Indian Army has 6.7million follower
  • Official page on Instagram of Indian Army has now 5.4million followers

Duties of ADGPI – Indian Army

To formulate policies of public relations and Minister’s speech and visit on Indian Army.

-Indicate the image of the Indian Army and protect the reputation of the Army.

– Responsible for the conduct of perception management in both peace and war.

Discussing important issues with COAS (Chief of the Army Staff), VCOAS (Vice-Chief of the Army Staff), DGMI (The Directorate of Military Intelligence) and DGMO (Director General of Military Operations)

Act as a media and perception management consultant for COAS.

To play the role of Army Spokesman on matters related to the operation

Hosting and maintenance of Indian Army website (portal).

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Manage media relations.

Implement and issue directives related to Army PR and PM policy.

Monitoring and analysis of print, electronic and cyber media.

Issues, press releases, status reports / updates and rebuttals / rejoinders appear in the mass media.

Interact with Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Home Affairs to formulate perception management policy.

Interact with the minimum of information and broadcast to implement perception management campaigns and perception management topics.

Interact with the GOC-in-C (GOC-in-C) command.

Represent the army in inter-ministerial groups regarding perception management.

Official Page of all Social Media Accounts of Adgpi- Indian Army






The official Twitter account of the Indian Navy is named SpokespersonNavy

Indian Air Force’s official Twitter account is named Indian Air Force

Hence the name of the Indian Army page is ADGPI- Indian Army.


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