NDA Motivation: From School to Indian Army story of three friend

NDA friendship three frinds story

Every time you heard in newspaper son/daughter of Chai wala, Riskshaw wala selected in Indian Armed force and many motivational stories but this time militarygyan talks about the story of three childhood friends who dream about joining Indian armed forces are now serving Indian army as an officer. This is the story of friendship and determination.

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When a person is born, he gets some relationship with his birth. These relationships do not have to be chosen, but there are some relationships that we choose ourselves. One such relationship is friendship. The examples of friendship may have heard their own good, but some examples immortalize friendship forever. One such example of friendship is being seen in the Indian Army these days.

Today, the story we are going to tell you is of three friends. Friends who had passion for serving Indian Army since childhood. These 3 best friends are Chinmay, Akash and Anupam, who studied together since childhood and now together have also become officers in the Indian Army.

Chinmay Sharma, Akash Sajwan and Anupam Nayal, who are residents of Uttarakhand, are friends only from the 6th grade. All three decided during schooling that they would become officers in the Indian Army, the same thing happened. On June 13, these three friends became officers in the Indian Army.

NDA heroes of militargyan

About their background

Chinmay Sharma is a resident of Mayakoti village of Rudraprayag, Akash is a resident of Sajwan Guptkashi while Anupam is a resident of Nayal Haldwani. Chinmaya’s father Manoj Sharma and mother Veena Sharma are both teachers in government schools. Akash Sajwan’s father Anand Singh Sajwan has his own business and mother Meena Sajwan is a teacher. Anupam’s father Anand Singh is a block officer, while mother Janaki Nayal is a homemaker.

From School to Indian Army

These three Indian Army officers from NDA met about 11 years ago at the ‘Ghorakhal Sainik School’ in Nainital. During this time, these three took admission together in the Class 6th. There was a deep friendship between Chinmay Sharma and Akash Sajwan from the beginning, later in the class, they also became friends with Anupam Nayal. During studies, all three used to dream of becoming officers in the Indian armed force. It would be said by chance that these three cleared the NDA(National Defence Academy) exam in the first attempt. After this, they started training together at the IMA(Indian Military Academy) in Dehradun.

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On June 13 2020 , these three became an integral part of the Indian Army after crossing the “Antim Pagh” at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. While bidding farewell to the IMA, it was a misery to alienate the three friends, but the strength of the country service was stronger than that which was clearly visible in the eyes of these three.



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