Missile: Classification and its types

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According to dictionary: Missile, a rocket-propelled weapon designed to deliver an explosive warhead with great accuracy at high speed, missile is just played a role of transporter but its carry explosive with in. Missile is generally classified on the basis of Types, launch mode, Range, guidance system.

Complete Detail about Missile & its formation

Missile: On the Basis of its type

  • Cruise Missile
  • Ballistic Missile

Missile: On the Basis Lanch Mode

  • Surface-To-Surface Missiles
  • Surface-To-Air Missiles
  • Surface(coast) -To-Surface Missiles(sea)
  • Air-to-air missiles
  • Air-to-surface missiles
  • Sea-to-Sea missiles
  • Sea-to-coast missiles
  • Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
  • Anti-Tank Missile
air to air 1
types of missile in india
types of missile in india
types of missile in india detail

Missile: On the Basis Range

  • Short Range Missile
  • Medium Range Missile
  • Intermediate range ballistic missile
  • Intercontinental range ballistic missile

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Missile: On the Propulsion

  • Solid Propulsion
  • liquid Propulsion
  • Hybrid Propulsion
  • Ramjet
  • Scramjet
  • Cryogenic

Missile: On the Basis of Guidance System

  • Wire Guidance
  • Command Guidance
  • Terrain Comparison Guidance
  • Terrestrial Guidance
  • Inertial Guidance
  • Beam Rider Guidance
  • Laser Guidance
  • RF and GPS Reference



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