Meet Real Gunjan Saxena: The kargil Girl 1st IAF Woman Pilot

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Gunjan Saxena with Cheetah Helicopter

Meet Real life Ft Gunjan Saxena was the first Indian Air Force woman officer who went to war zone. Flew Cheetah Helicopter to rescused Indian soldiers during kargil War 1999.

Father and brother of Gunjan Saxena was also in Indian Defence Force. Now karan Johar releasing a movie based on Gunjan Saxena i.e. “Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl”. Janhvi Kapoor is playing the role of Lt. Gunjan . Here is every full detail about real life story of Gunjan Saxena. Who is Gunjan Saxena in real ?

Know every detail about real Lt. Gunjan Saxena

From College to Kargil War Zone

When Gunjan was graduating from Hansraj College, he joined Safdarganj Flying Club of Delhi. At that time both his father and brother were employed in the Indian Army. During this time they came to know that for the first time women pilots are being recruited in the IAF. He then passed the SSB exam and joined the Indian Air Force as a pilot. At that time, the security forces were dominated by male officers and women officers in the Indian Air Force were not given the opportunity to fly equal to men. Of course, women officers were not allowed to fly fighter jets at that time, but the women of their batch had made history by flying the aircraft for the first time in the Indian Air Force. However at that time there was reservation for women pilots in the Indian Air Force.

Compete strongly with Pakistan in Kargil war 1999

During the Kargil War 1999, when there was a war between India and Pakistan, bullets were fired from both sides. At that time, Gunjan Saxena and his colleague Mr. Vidya took the responsibility of saving the wounded soldiers. Gunjan and his companion Vidya were sent to the area of ​​Kashmir, where Pakistani soldiers were constantly attacking Indian troops with rocket launchers and bullets. Cheetah helicopters both helped hundreds of soldiers by going to the battlefield. Gunjan continued to fight the Pakistani army without a weapon and managed to evacuate many soldiers.

Pakistani soldiers continued to attack, even missiles were fired on Gunjan’s aircraft, but the target missed and Gunjan narrowly survived.

Gunjan Saxena received the Shaurya Vir Award

Gunjan joined the Airforce after graduating from Hanjaraj College, Delhi University. Gunjan Saxena and Shri Vidya Rajan were among the 25 trainee pilots who got the opportunity to join the first batch of the Indian Air Force in 1994. When Kargil war broke out in 1999, both of them got a chance to do something for the country, Gunjan had never flown a fighter jet before. During the war, when the Indian Army required the pilot, it was decided to send Gunjan and Sri Vidya to the battle field.

To execute his mission, Gunjan also had to fly several times very close to the line of control, so that the positions of Pakistani soldiers could be traced, Gunjan and his companions carried out this entire mission by playing on their lives. Was Gunjan Saxena was awarded the Shaurya Vir Award for her bravery during the Kargil War, becoming the first woman to receive this award.

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Movie Poster of Gunjan Saxena ” The Kargil Girl”

Now Karan Johar is producing a film on Gunjan Saxena and Jahnavi Kapoor will be the heroine of this film.

Social media account of  Real Gunjan Saxena

After the launch of trailer of movie based on Gunjan Saxena she wrote on her Instagram social media about trailer and thanks to the director of  movie Sharad Sharma and Actrees Jhanvi Kapoor.

Here is the real social media Instgram account Gunjan Saxena “the kargil Girl”.

After that Janvi kapoor also share the message of Gunjan saxena on her social media acoount.

Watch the Official Trailer of GUnjan Saxena” The kargil Girl on Netflix

Official Trailer of Movie


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