Chhattisgarh Police detain two cops allegedly supplying ammunition to Maoists

chhattisgarh police arrested for supplying guns of naxalite copy

In Sukma, Chhattisgarh, the Chhattisgarh police have arrested ASI (Assistant sub-inspector) Anand Jatav and head constable Subhash Singh. Both the arrested accused supplied government cartridges to the Naxalites. On June 4 2020, two people were arrested in Sukma by Chhattisgarh police, and two more were arrested in Kanker on Sunday. CG Police recovered ammunition for guns  i.e INSAS rifles, SLRs ,AK-47 assault rifles and also 303 rifles from them. It is being told that the police arrested both of them on 4 June. However, it was not disclosed as it was a case involving the police. Along with them, two other people were also caught, who came to collect the cartridges.

two police man caught in chhattisgarh for supplying ammunition to naxalite

ASI was in contact with people involved in supply chain of Naxalites

In fact, the police arrested four people from Malkanigari Chowk around 4 am on Thursday. It also includes Manoj Sharma, resident of Dhamtari and Harishankar Gedam resident of Gundradehi. Police recovered 695 cartridges from them. It is being told that the police had also found a bag full of cartridges from ASI Anand Jatav posted at Kotwali. He was in contact with others involved in the supply chain of Naxalites.

Was supplied twice, caught in third time

When Manoj Sharma and Harishankar reached Sukma by vehicle to collect the ammunition from police . All were caught as soon as ASI reached Malkangiri Chowk by bike. After arresting the trio, the police also arrested the head constable from her house in Indira Colony. The arrested head constable and ASI have confessed to selling the cartridge twice. For the third time they climbed up to the police. The head constable’s duty was in the armory.

Earlier, old cases were suppressed due to fear of defamation of the department

There have also been cases of missing cartridges of constables and assistant constables going into Naxal operations to the Naxalites earlier. After 2013, in 2018, more than half a dozen soldiers associated with Naxal operations were arrested for selling cartridges to Naxalites. The officers left the soldiers after taking departmental action to save them from infamy. Names of some more policemen are also coming up in this case.

Clues were found from the disclosure of the Maoist network in Kanker

In April, the Kanker police arrested several people, including contractors involved in the Maoist network. During interrogation from these, Sukma was informed about the supply of cartridges to the Naxalites. Since then, Sukma police has been constantly monitoring several suspected policemen. According to information received from sources, mobile phones were being taped and traced continuously of such suspects. The police was keeping an eye on each of his activities.



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